After participating in our introductory 4ME group, young people are given the opportunity to join advanced groups that are led by project facilitators and senior assistants.  In these groups, young people use creative methods to express information about sexual health and community/personal empowerment.

These peer education groups change and evolve over time, but check below to see the current rotation at any given time. For pictures and more information about the work that the groups are doing, visit our blog.


Activism: The activism group goes by different names, but is devoted to youth leadership development and community organizing around reproductive justice issues

Theater: PRY's Theater performance group utilizes the skills and energy of the young people to communicate healthy decision making practices in an easily accessible, entertaining and relevant manner. 

Dance: Dedicated Ambitious Naturally talented Classy Extraordinary individuals!

Dance is a group where you can display your individual dance style while making new friends in a comfortable and SAFE environment. All are welcome and there is no need to have professional experience. Dance is about having fun and becoming part of a community where you have the opportunity to showcase your talents. Dance empowers youth to express and be proud of themselves in a positive and fun way through music and movement!

MOB: MOB (Media Outreach and Branding) inspires young teenagers to expand their sexual knowledge as well as their peers’. They do this by using social media, sexual health memes, videos, blogs, photography and designing new technology that gives access to contraceptives and clinic locations. Through online messaging, their goal is to help educate teens and young adults about safe sex, HIV, and STD/STI prevention.

Ambassadors: The focus of the Ambassadors group is to provide sexual health workshops and advanced outreach to your peers to help connect them in community HIV testing events, the Teen Health Clinic, and other services. Ambassadors also table at community events and participate in various community meetings as youth representatives. Ambassadors are concurrently enrolled in one of the other peer educations. This group is reserved for the youth who have been with the program for at least one session. If you are currently a PRY SAFE participant and would like to apply to be one of our ambassadors, please click here.