Naliaka Wakhisi

Social Media & Project Facilitator

Naliaka Wakhisi is a Miami native who currently resides in Brooklyn. With a passion for people, education, and empowerment, she uses movement and creative workshops to help inspire students and organizations to fully thrive. Naliaka not only focuses on community organizing and creative movement, but also strives to combine the world of art and technology. She received her Master's in 2012 from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. She was interested in learning about the latest technology so she could apply her studies to the students she works with. She truly believes that youth need access to science, math, technology, and engineering and need to know that they have support and can succeed in those fields. Naliaka is extremely happy to bring her skills to PRY SAFE in order to help young people organize and educate their peers using art and technology. Naliaka hopes to continue helping young people and adults understand their role as healthy powerful leaders and connecting them to the tools they need to be successful contributors in their society.

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