Project SAFE Youth Workshops

HIV 101

The HIV 101 workshop provides youth participants with an introductory overview of the basics on HIV transmission and prevention. PRY SAFE Peer Educators facilitate engaging activities that include interactive games, brainstorms and discussions about HIV and health related topics.


The STI/STD workshop is an interactive workshop that provides participants with information about the STIs and STDs. The workshop is also focused on how to protect oneself against sexually transmitted diseases and infections, many of which are preventable. The PRY SAFE Peer Educators will lead your students in an honest and direct discussion about what STIs and STDs are, as well as how they are contracted, why people participate in the type of behavior that spreads them and how they can protect themselves.


The Contraceptives workshop provides an overview of the different birth control methods and to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy, STIs and STDs including HIV. This workshop, led by our Peer Educators, is informative and fun. It creates an honest space for your young people to learn how to protect themselves and make healthy decisions.


The purpose of this workshop is to educate young people on how to access information and services pertaining to their sexual health. It is also to inform them on their rights as young people in accessing sexual health services without the consent of an adult or parent. In the workshop, teens will learn what services are available to them (specifically the Project SAFE Teen Health Clinic), how to make an appointment, and the importance of getting tested.

Making Proud Choices!

Making Proud Choices is an eight-module evidence-based curriculum that provides young people with the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to reduce their risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV, and unplanned pregnancy. Workshops are facilitated in way that is inclusive of youth of all genders, sexual orientations and ability. 

The curriculum modules include:

·         Module 1: Getting to Know You and Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True

·         Module 2: Reproductive Anatomy

·         Module 3: Attitudes About Sex, HIV and Condom Use

·         Module 4: Strategies for Preventing HIV Infection: Stop, Think and Act

·         Module 5: STIs

·         Module 6: Birth Control

·         Module 7: Developing Condom Use and Negotiation Skills

·         Module 8: Enhancing Communication Skills

Project SAFE Staff/Parent Workshop


Talking with youth about sex can be challenging. The Let’s Talk about Sex workshop offers strategies for youth workers on making these conversations easier. During this workshop we will cover “door openers” and “door slammers” for talking with teens, basic principles of Motivational Interviewing, tips for starting the conversation and how to make referrals for sexual health services. Project SAFE is happy to come to your space and can tailor the workshop to the needs of your organization.