Abusive Relationships and AIDS

The other day on our World AIDS day event this group started off by coming to the stage and saying that they were not derogatory words but that they had names. I personally liked that each of the members of the group came from different parts of the audience and made their statements. They then proceeded with an activity where people from the audience determined  whether  they would continue in a relationship, stop it, or fix it based on the statements that the group members made. I enjoyed that the activity was interactive and that they allowed audience members to voice their opinions. I liked that they were able to tie back abusive relationships to the topic of AIDS. 

P.R.Y is Life

Working at PRY IS REALLY FUN. The people are really nice and it's a pretty safe space. Over all PRY is very welcoming. It's easy to feel comfortable there. Making friends is really easy since the people are really nice. Being part of the Media Outreach and Branding group (MOB) at PRY is fun because we get to take pictures at events and post stuff on the IG and that's pretty cool. When I first started working at PRY I didn't know if I wanted to stay here but after a few days and being able to connect with the people who worked here I knew that I would really enjoy being here.

-AKA Consuelo

where talents are expressed

Our program host many open mic events. Our open mics are open to public (primarily) young age groups. We have these open mics to have teens from all areas come to both learn about what our organizations can provide and to have teens express their talents. At every open mic it’s practically guaranteed  you will enjoy yourself and actually learn about contraceptives and both HIV and STD TESTING.